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Raw Gelatinized Maca Powder 6:1

Raw Gelatinized Maca Powder 6:1

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Source of Fibre, Iron, Manganese and Vitamin C. Peruvian Harvest® Raw Gelatinized Maca Powder is made from selected certified organic dried maca roots (80% black, 15% purple, 5% yellow), using our unique raw gelatinization process, a cold process that removes the starches from the root to obtain a more concentrated powder that is easier to absorb and digest. Ideal for Drinks, Confectionery and Food Preparations A great addition to smoothie and protein shakes. Add a teaspoon of to boost flavour and overall nutrition. Try adding some maca powder to cake, muffin or bread recipes, an d other desserts too! Maca powder is also a great addition in the preparation of meals, you just have to get creative. Select Ingredients: Dried Maca Roots (80% Black, 15% Purple, 5% Yellow) This package is full of goodness! Made from select raw materials and amazing processes. None of that GMO mumbo jumbo, no unpronounceable artificial ingredients (binders , excipients, preservatives, or artificial colouring or flavouring of any kind), and no use of irradiation or high heat. 

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