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Enzyme-Force 60 Caps
Prairie Naturals

Enzyme-Force 60 Caps

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Prairie Naturals Enzyme-Force is a comprehensive digestive enzyme blend that provides a full spectrum of proteolytic enzymes (protein-digesting), carbohydrolytic enzymes (carbohydrate-digesting), lipolytic enzymes (fat-digesting) as well as FibraZyme, a plant fibre digesting complex. Enzyme-Force is non-GMO, encapsulated in V-Caps and suitable for vegans.

Medical Ingredients
Serving Size: 1 Vcaps
Serving Contains: 
Proprietary Digestive Enzyme Blend: 600mg
Protein-digesting Enzymes  
Protease blend
50,000 HUT
Papain 50,000 PU
Carbohydrate-digesting Enzymes  
Amylase 11,250 DU
Glucoamylase 50 AGU
Alpha-galactosidase 125GALU
Lactase 500 ALU
Invertase (Sucrase) 200 SU
Phytase 5 FTU
Fat-digesting Enzymes  
Lipase blend 2,000 FIP
Fibre-digesting Enzymes  
Cellulase 1,200 CU
Beta-gluconase 25 BGU
Hemicellulase 30 HCU
Pectinase 45 AJDU
Xylanase 300 XU
Fibrazyme enzyme blend 500 MU
Bromelain 2,400 GDU/g 50mg
Betaine HCL 50mg
Other Ingredients:
silicon dioxide, maltodextrin powder, and magnesium stearate – 15 mg, vegetable cellulose and purified water - V-capsule

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