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Gynostemma – Organic 90g
Harmonic Arts

Gynostemma – Organic 90g

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Gynostemma Longevity Tea (Jiaogulan)

Gynostemma is a vine-like climbing plant belonging to the cucumber and gourd family that grows wildly in many countries throughout Asia. The plant was first used as food, and is now widely consumed as a tea. The leaves have a sweet, robust taste, allowing them to be used as a natural sweetener.  The Gynostemma carried by Harmonic Arts is of premium quality, grown outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The farmers sing Tibetan Bon mantras through speakers to the plants as they grow. This gynostemma has won awards in Thailand  for its flavour and strength. Traditionally it is brewed as a hot infusion and can be brewed more than once and still maintain its flavour. It also makes a good decoction.

Suggested use: Hot infusion –Hot water is poured over herbs and allowed to steep for 5-15 min. Straing and serve. Strength is determined by the amount of herb used, typically 10-15g of tea to 500 ml of water. Decoction –Preparation is made by lightly simmering herbs in water for 20 min.-5hrs. Typically 10-25g of herb to 500ml of water is used.

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