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Diatomaceous Earth 500g RCP Approved

Diatomaceous Earth 500g RCP Approved

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Our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is safe for all human uses, including using it as a detox or cleanse from parasites and heavy metals. Another impressive benefit is using our DE regularly can help to strengthen artery walls (because of the high content of amorphous silica) and in turn, lowering cholesterol levels. Similarly, DE has also been gaining popularity to increase finger nail and toe nail density, as well as fuller shinier hair. 

A very common deficit in a person's diet in our culture is silica. When you use our Food Grade DE, it is a safe and natural way to re-introduce silica into your body and diet.** There are many amazing uses for Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, and there are several ways to improve your personal health with our high quality and safe brand of DE. We have sourced our DE very carefully, and are happy to inform our customers that we carry DE with the lowest levels of crystalline silica on a consumer level. Our level of crystalline silica is less than 0.1% (<0.1%) in any given sample. 

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