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Bulletproof XCT MCT Oil

Bulletproof XCT MCT Oil

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Bulletproof XCT Oil is extracted from coconut oil, capturing only the most precious parts of coconut oil, namely caprylic (C-8) and capric acids (C-10). It is up to six times more concentrated in C-8 and C-10 quality fats than coconut oil for high energy. 

XCT oil is metabolized by the liver into energy in the form of ketones. Ketone energy can be used by the brain and body. Excess ketone energy is excreted via lungs and kidneys, rather than stored as fat.

  • Supports energy metabolism at the cellular level
  • Blend of Caprylic (C8) and Capric (C10) fatty acids, the most valuable MCTs from the heart of the coconut
  • MCTs increase performance by giving your body quick, sustained energy, and are not stored as fat
  • Cleaned, extracted and bottled without the use of harsh chemicals
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