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Bell Sound Sleep

Bell Sound Sleep

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  • Helps to increase the total sleep time in people suffering from sleep restriction or altered sleep schedule. Helps to prevent and/or reduce the effects of jet lag for people travelling by plane easterly across two or more time zones. Helps reduce the time it takes to fall asleep in people with delayed sleep phase disorder.
  • Sleep support.
  • Valerian is traditionally used in Herbal Medicine as a calmative and/or sleep aid to help promote sleep.
  • Chamomile, Passionflower and Skullcap are traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve restlessness and/or nervousness (calmative).

Medicinal Ingredients: MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) 400 mg, Chamomile extract 10:1 (Matricaria recutita) (flower) 75 mg (DHE 750 mg), Passionflower extract 10:1 (Passiflora incarnata) (herb top) 74 mg (DHE 740 mg), Ginger extract 20:1 (Zingiber officinale) (rhizome) 50 mg (DHE 1000 mg), Skullcap extract 10:1 (Scutellaria lateriflora) (herb top) 50 mg (DHE 500 mg), Thyme extract 20:1 (Thymus vulgaris) (leaf) 50 mg (DHE 1000 mg), Valerian extract 10:1 (Valeriana offiinalis) (root) 50 mg (DHE 500 mg), Melatonin 1 mg.

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Hypromellose, magnesium stearate.

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