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Milk of Magnesia 355ml OUT OF STOCK

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  • Active Ingredients: The Active Ingredient of Milk of Magnesia Original Is Magnesium Hydroxide and Is the Active Ingredient in Phillips Milk of Magnesia.
  • Treats Constipation: GoodSense Milk of Magnesia Relieves Occasional Constipation (Irregularity) and Generally Produces a Bowel Movement in One-Half Hour to 6 Hours for Gentle, Dependable, Comfortable and Cramp Free Relief. It Is a Liquid Laxative.
  • Explaining Constipation: Constipation Is a Condition in Which a Person Has Fewer Than Three Bowel Movements a Week or Has Bowel Movements With Stools That Are Hard, Dry, and Small, Making Them Painful or Difficult to Pass.
  • Constipation Causes: Constipation Is Caused by Low Fiber Diet, Ignoring the Urge to Have a Bowel Movement, Gi Tract Problems and Others.
  • Symptoms: The Most Common Symptoms of Constipation Are: Fewer Than Normal Bowel Movements, Stool That Is Difficult or Painful to Pass, and Pain or Bloating in Your Abdomen.

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