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Bath Soaks
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Bath Soaks

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'Take a Breather' and 'let it all sink in' with the two bath additions that are sure to make you love tub time!

Take a breather menthol soak is jam packed with cooling menthol to help ease the stuffiness associated with cold and flu. 

Muscle soak uses mustard and chamomile, along with a blend of essential oils to help ease aches and discomfort from the day. Whether you did the Parent-500 or rocked a serious gym session, your muscles will thank you! 
*Caution- you might feel like an Olympic athlete after bathing with this soak, it's similar to what many of them use as a recovery treatment!

Rose Soak, this trifecta of salts from the earth will soothe your body and your soul. Breathe in the harmonious scent of rose to feel uplifting and self-confident.

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