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Fresh Start Slim & Cleanse 10 day program OUT OF STOCK
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Fresh Start Slim & Cleanse 10 day program OUT OF STOCK

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Slim & Cleanse – 10 Day Program


3 Easy Steps to jump start your health and wellbeing.

  • Do you feel stuck with your weight?
  • Is your digestion a constant source of distraction?
  • Do you depend on quick fixes?
  • Do you struggle with remaining motivated when trying to lose weight?
  • Are you bloated and constipated?

The Habit Relief & Liver Elixir are unique homeopathic formulas with the inclusion of Tissue Salts that work synergistically to naturally support your journey back to good health.

They have been formulated using ingredients traditionally shown to support your weight loss by:

  • Rehydrating your cells
  • Cleansing your liver
  • Supporting you to break free from unhealthy habits which often derail any attempts you make to moving towards better health and wellbeing.

The inclusion of Schuessler Tissue Salts in both formulas creates the platform the cells need to support a cleanse, improve absorption, reduce bloating, aid digestion and promote better sleep that further supports when trying to reach weight loss goals.
No other Slim & Cleanse formula offers the unique Habit Relief formula that targets all the symptoms associated with withdrawal from our unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Slim & Cleanse pack offers a unique and effective approach to enjoying a healthier lifestyle and achieving your health goals naturally.

Fresh Start Slim & Cleanse – Habit Relief & Liver Elixir support you in 4 ways:

Liver& Digestive Tonic– aids general detoxification in the body and assists and improves digestion. The inclusion of Capsicum, Dandelion, Nux Vomica, St Mary’s Thistle & Aloe help fast track the specific detoxification of toxins from the body, improving digestion and metabolism and reducing cravings even more rapidly.The inclusion of Magnesium Carbonicum and Lycopodium further assist digestive health and support in reducing bloating that is so common in our current hectic lifestyle.

Rehydrates – adding the Liver Elixir to 450 mls of water 2 x per day supports ongoing hydration and with the inclusion of Veratrum Album, Euonymus and Lycopodium further supports an effective cleansing program.

Nerve & General Tonic – calms and strengthens the nervous system, improves quality of sleep, and increases mental clarity and general vitality with the inclusion of the 5 phosphates – Kali Phos, Mag Phos, Ferr Phos, Nat Phos, CalcPhos and Avena Sativa along with Alfalfa.

Emotional Balance – Ignatia, Passiflora, Gelsemium & Colocynthis support inner calm which may assist in decreasing “cravings” especially those heightened by irritability and mild anxiety.

What are the benefits of the Slim & Cleanse pack?

  • Supports the commitment you have made towards weight loss
  • Reduces cravings naturally
  • Supports weight loss by combining homeopathics with the inclusion of Tissue Salts to reduce the overindulging we find hard to break away from
  • Supports a calm and balanced nervous system, and assists liver balance
  • Supports restful sleep to further support the cleansing process
  • Encourages motivation & clarity for an increase in energy levels
  • Aids general detoxification in the body
  • Resistance against quick fixes
  • Supports weight loss by balancing mind and body
  • Addresses unhealthy habits that often derail cleansing

Always use these products in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program.

The Fresh Start Eating Plan has been created to help with your Slim & Cleanse program.

How do I use the Fresh Start Pack

  1. Add 10mLs of Liver Elixir to your orange water bottle
  2. Add water to your water bottle 2 times per day and drink throughout the day
  3. Take 10 drops of Habit Relief formula 4 times per day and continue until finished.

Always read the label, use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.

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