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CF Herbal Digestif Tea 15g

CF Herbal Digestif Tea 15g

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One of the rarest herbal teas in the world, Digestif tea was originally developed for infants and toddlers suffering from digestive problems however, when adults use it along with the d’mix they start seeing much faster results in their recovery from digestive problems.

Ideally drunk straight after a meal, this tea also helps with indigestion or wind after eating rich or harder to digest foods.


The very high-quality peppermint in this blend is sourced from an organic farm with limited quantities, which means we can only make less than three thousand jars a year! The variety of the leaves have been selected especially for their gentle soothing properties, making it suitable to be drunk even on an empty stomach without causing irritation.


Herbal Digestif Tea has been shown to offer symptomatic digestive relief whilst flushing toxins from the body and uplifting the mood. It is thirst-quenching, ideal to sip all day and has helped customers greatly with water retention and bloating. It is safe to take during pregnancy, and can even be drunk by children and toddlers.


To brew Herbal Digestif Tea, put a third of a teaspoon in about a litre of boiling water, brew for twenty minutes and then enjoy! It can be re-brewed by simply adding more hot water. It can also be enjoyed hot or cold.

For best results, Herbal Digestif Tea should be used in conjunction with d‘mix. Why not try our Digestive Kickstarter Pack, combining two months' supply of d’mix with a pack of Herbal Digestif Tea for the ultimate in digestive wellbeing!


Peppermint, licorice, cinnamon, fenugreek seeds, cloves. 15g

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